Betrayal, love, injustice, hope and survival against all odds

1913. The Austro Hungarian Empire is rapidly encroaching upon Western Ukraine. Brothers, Ruslan and Vasil Kotelko leave everything in search of the Canadian dream. Their hopes are shattered when they are caught up in the injustice of the War Measures Act. They are deemed "Enemy Aliens", and struggle to maintain their dignity as they are forced through some of Canada’s most severe concentration camps. Fear and hardship pushes them beyond their limits, and leads to a daring escape attempt that goes tragically wrong. One man makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure his brother’s freedom.


They came with a dream. Thousands of Eastern European men and women arrived in Canada’s western frontier with the hopes of building a better life. They settled the West by working the land, farming, clearing brush and trees, and harvesting grain. This was the immigrant dream, a dream of freedom. Their sacrifice and strength is the foundation on which Canada was built.


Set in Canada, Ukraine, and Germany. Much of the story takes place in Alberta near Castle Mountain, in one of the twenty-four internment camps that housed enemy aliens during World War One.